Restoration of Antique Granco 720 Radio (1955)

This post documents the restoration of an antique AM/FM Granco 720 radio. It examines the design of the AM and the FM receiver. It details the alignment of the receivers, discusses repairs and evaluates the performance of the radio. We restored the Granco 720 to full function >>

Radio Report on RadioMuseum.org

My radio report on the restoration of an antique Granco 720 vacuum tube radio is now uploaded at “the starting point to search the world’s largest collection of tube radios, transistor radios and tubes.” RadioMuseum.org. It has received positive reviews and a 5/5 star rating and almost 1900 hits so far. Thanks to Joe Sousa for his assistance. >>

Pipetter Makerbot

3D-printer modified for chemical deposition of controlled volumes at user-determined locations using a repeater pipette. Project was featured on CBS Science Blog smartplanet.com and MakerBot Explorer. >>

Cascading Signal Generators

This is a handy trick to make a AM signal with a time-variant envelope frequency by cascading signal generators. The Agilent 33220A signal generator, among its many functions, can make frequency sweeps OR modulated signals. It cannot do both. Here is how to get around this limitation. >>

C# Windows Camera Application

This is a simple application that detects a camera connected the computer, shows a live image of the camera, previews snapshots and saves the resulting image. The app takes user information from a form and uses them for the name of the image file to be saved. >>

Taking MIT OCW to Ecuador

We helped set up the first MIT Opencourseware mirror site in South America at an Ecuadorian university with more than 2000 subjects. This is to facilitate the download of large files (videos, etc) by providing a local server for faster connections. >>

Testing an All-American-5 Radio Design

This post has a video of testing an All-American-5 radio design that uses JFETs arranged to behave as triodes.


Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)

Report of my work with an Introduction to Engineering Design freshman class from the Department of Mechanical Engineering & Aeronautical Engineering. We build an ROV and scored in a underwater competition. >>

Fluffy – Autonomous Robot Competition

This was one my first projects at MIT. This is post is a replica of our original team website. >>

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