PMI Webinar: Ten Ways to Market a Project

Notes from recorded webinar 10 Ways to Market Your Project.

Marketing: planned series of tasks to promote project to wider audience. Communicate project status and raise project profile.

How Communication Usually Works

– web conferencing
– instant messaging
– status reports
– stakeholder management

These do not create engagement or impact.

Ten Ways to Market Your Project

  1. Get a good story. What’s in it for them?. Your vision, aligned to business goals with a feasible plan.
  2. Start with the team. Must sell the project too not against it. Focus on most influential stakeholders
  3. Be where stakeholders are. Tailor message.
  4. Vary tools: posters, presentations, wiki, dashboards, pictures, video, reports, competitions, desk drops. Hear message 3-5 times to believe. Avoid overload, manage with calendar.
  5. Be visual. Youtube, pintrest.
  6. Proofread communications and marketing materials. Errors erode credibility.
  7. Have a plan. Create a story within a wider context.
  8. Plan for a crisis. Single point of contact during incidents. Facts only (no blaming war). Cover stakeholder worries. Be fast. Have a ‘no power’ backup plan. Stay on message.
  9. Create feedback loops
  10. Be brave. Certainty is better. Face to face is better for bad news.


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