PDUs: PMP’s Professional Development Units

2015-2018 CYCLE

This post serves as documentation for PDUs earned for the 2015-2018 cycle. I will be earning PDUs both before and after PMI’s changes for PDUs. This post by Edward Chung thoroughly explains PDU requirements.

I sought the most time- and cost- efficient combination to fulfill PDU requirements. As a result, I earned 60 units out of 60 units required within a couple of weeks.

PMI policy for PDU evidence:

Category A: Registration form, certificate or letter of attendance.
Category B: Certificate or letter of attendance, unofficial transcript, grade report, brochure or other course materials.
Category C: Evidence supporting your reported learning project, including notes from and dates of discussion or reading.

2018-2021 CYCLE

During the last year of the cycle, PMPs can start earning up to  20 PDUs that will count for the next cycle. The CCR categories have changed. Now they are Technical Skills, Leadership Skills, Business and Management Skills. This is documentation of my PDUs so far.

Date Item PDU Units/ Category/ Area Evidence
06/04/2018 Project Management Podcast. Episode 409: CCRS and PDUs 0.5/ Technical Skills Blog
06/04/2018 Project Management Podcast. Episode 412: How to Integrate Risk Management into Agile Projects 1/Business & Management Skills Blog
06/04/2018 Certified Marketing Research Associate 10/Business & Management Skills Certificate
07/09/2018 Opportunity ID #15933 – Online Interview – User Research 1/Giving Back Confirmation


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