PM Podcast 409

These are my notes for The Project Management Podcast

Episode 409: CCRS and PDUs

Guest:  John Kleine, Global Manager, Product Strategy & Delivery, at Project Management Institute

Requirements for someone who just earned their PMP certification

  1. Go to
  2. Click certifications –> maintenance of certifications

Over three years, must earn 60 PDUs  (Professional Development Units). Categories: Education and Giving back to the profession.

Education: min 35, up to 60

Technical skills

Leadership skills

Business and strategic skills

Giving Back: max 25

How were these new requirements designed?

With focus groups and extensive research. PMPs claimed that it was hard to earn the certification but were left to their own devices once it was achieved.

Most criticism comes from specific details, such as preferring 7 technical PDUs instead of 8.

Training companies have benefited since the education requirement went from 15 PDUs to a minimum of 35 PDUs

Top 3 ways to obtain PDUs

  1. Training companies
  2. Digital media/podcasts
  3. Working as a professional

The most underutilized is Giving Back to the Profession.

If the PMP didn’t get enough PDUs: First, shouldn’t have put themselves in that situation. Second, map out ways to achieve it as a project.

There is a grace period of 1 year in the next cycle to obtain PDUs but during which the certification holder loses the privilege to call themselves a PMP. And the year counts against their normal 3-year cycle.

Nowadays, it’s possible to earn all 60 PDUs in self-learning. No need for in-person training. This shows an increase in digital media, might be generational.

The CCR Handbook has been updated with different booklets for current and prospective PMPs.

Good Practices

  • Don’t put it off. Develop it as a project.
  • Find someone who’s where you want to be
  • Have a plan. 1.5 hours/ month over 36 months is easier.



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