Six Sigma White Belt Training & Certification

These are my webinar notes for the online training program for the Six Sigma White Belt offered by the Aveta Business Institute.

1. Watch the video: “Understanding Six Sigma
2. Read: “What is Six Sigma?
3. Read: “Six Sigma History
4. Read: “Roles and Responsibilities

What is Six Sigma?

Quality management and statistic to achieve 3.4 defects per million.

History of Six Sigma

19th century: Gauss introduces the normal distribution
20th century: Walter Shewhart advocates for 3-sigma
1972: Japanese firm leads Motorola factory to 1/20 of previous error rate.
1987: Six Sigma launched by Motorola
1990s: GE adopts Six Sigma
Now: Six Sigma

Who Does What?

Six Sigma Level Intended For Tools Roles & Responsibilities
White Belt Support Staff Not Directly Involved Basic overview Introductory awareness. Not fully recognized
Yellow Belt Support Staff PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) Run smaller process improvements
Green Belt Team Members Problem solving DMAIC (Define Measure Analyze Improve and Control) Run small Six Sigma projects
Black Belt Project Leaders/Change Agents Full understanding of DMAIC/DMADV Project execution
Master Black Belt Experienced Black Belts Deep Six Sigma expertise ID opportunities/ communication/ coaching
Champion Senior/Mid-Exec Know business and Six Sigma Choosing/sponsor projects/create change management plans

DMAIC: Existing Processes

D: Define
M: Measure
A: Analyze
I: Improve
C: Control

DMADV: New Processes

D: Define
M: Measure
A: Analyze
D: Design
V: Verify

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